Anti-theft tags for bottles.


The Idea

Our main goal was to develop something new to protect bottles in a unique way, with a fresh and current design suitable for 99% of currently available bottles. It also had to be easy to handle, both when applying and removing the device. It has been developed on this basis.


Feeling to the touch is very nice, so handling is very comfortable for the operator, without any edges or special difficulties in its application or removal. The removal process is immediate thanks to the unlocking spring.


A single version suitable for every bottle, which allows for a quick return on the investment, saving time and avoiding delays in the cash line.


A wine section visually attractive and nicely arranged is very important. Therefore, Sabio Tag helps retail points to reach their sale goals.


Capable of withstanding manipulation, knocks and bumps against other bottles and prying attempts with small objects.


Small reliefs in the base show intuitively, by touch, the position in which the device should be placed depending on the bottle type, making its serial attachment easier.


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